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Glued with Gold is a unique collection of poetry and prose that takes readers on an introspective journey of self-discovery and self-worth. Through the metaphor of Kintsugi, the ancient art of repairing broken pottery with golden lacquer, the author reveals the power of embracing our imperfections and the transformative strength found in our own reinvention.


The verses within invite readers to cultivate an open heart - with a strong backbone - as they navigate the shadows and seek to share their own inner light. This collection is an invitation to embark on a journey of emotional expansion, where love in all its forms is celebrated, radical self-acceptance is discovered, and the beauty of our scars shines through illuminating our path forward, even in the darkest of times.



  • Glued with Gold Paperback signed by Onyia
  • Special Thank You Note
  • Free Resin Page Holder


Glued with Gold - Signed

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